Events during 1990, before encountering evidence of a
Hate Crime Scene during October of 1998 in New Mexico
For a narrative of events leading up to the Hate Crime Scene, with commentary and conclusions outside the scope of this example, please see: Investigations, or Open Letter.

A Police Report dated 2-28-1990 describes behavior that isn't mine. I lived peacefully with my Grandmother for many years tending our home, and earning my degree at the University. I also worked nights at the local freight docs and attended graduate school at Northwestern during years prior to my graduation. By 1990, I was a year away from graduation, and was enjoying over 10-years of continuous sobriety. I had student loans, earned income, and was working, studying, and taking care of my grandmother, and her home. I had no need to steel money, and I had my own checking account.

The problems we encountered in our shame based family were most likely the result of Alcoholism, but because my mother was in the process of transferring my grandmother's home into her name, she was taking yearly gifts of $10,000.00 (as advised by an attorney) to prevent the property from becoming an obstacle to Grandma's opportunity to obtain County Assistance for her housing and health care. The checks referred to in this statement may have been a clever reference to that activity, or a loose reference to my own investigation of a medical practice I was suspicious of.

But the missing checks may also refer to my failure to attend to my best friends injury in the mid 1960s. He fell down between our property, and the neighbors (on the border of our lands), when I was practicing a bat swing. I was aiming for a spot across the street, and didn't realize that the path of the bat would hit him. I told his mother that he fell down and went back to my room, but I didn't check his condition very well, and by today's standards, I failed in several other ways too. We didn't have cell phones (it was 1966 or '67), and I was only 6 or 7 years old. I didn't know how to use the phone in our house very well, and wasn't prepared to find the number for the ambulance in the phone book. I've also covered this topic at: Confessions.