Events during 2017, after encountering evidence of a
Hate Crime Scene during October of 1998 in New Mexico
For a narrative describing events related to a Hate Crime Scene, with commentary and conclusions outside the scope of this example, please see: Investigations, or Open Letter.

I logged an entry about a person who I believe has Klinefelters Syndrome. He gained entrance to my apartment building through a stairwell outside the building with doors on each floor. He showed up with a tool box and went into a room down the hall from me.

The log entry that I created went missing, and the date of a prior report about an individual who called me out at the grocery store was changed. He later followed me to my new apartment after leaving the building where these incidents took place because the noise and drug use required me to keep my door and window open in the middle of the winter to stay sober.

My room was trespassed, at that location and the next, but I build a new lock for my door to begin with, and that effort, among other measures required of me to stay sober in that building resulted in a Debt Collector by the name of IMPACT who's asked me to provide damages to the building by same name as a speaker I know, who's famous for telling a story about a drunk killing innocent victims.