The door is open, the way is clear

The Endless Flowing River

Safe Delivery of Every Packet

When we began, we were confident of the safe delivery of our content, but that's no longer the case!

  • While making our confessions we realized that they're not really ours!
  • We came clean to live transparently, but our words have been trampled and twisted.
  • And the realm of thought - circumspect and sacrosanct has been corrupted and spoiled.

Sound Containers

This may be our only hope! A better way to appeal what we were previously required to accept, and a better way to oppose the inevitable death sentence.

  • When our destinations didn't work, we redefined the problem as a consequence of our source material.

  • When we couldn't control the material at our hosts, we appealed to the public.

  • And coping with violence when telling the truth, we reported to obtain health care and to the Internet about the State's requirement to do so.

When dying doing what we're told,
how do we appeal the expectation?