Events before and after encountering a
Hate Crime Scene in New Mexico during October of 1998

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It was requested by Law Enforcement that I keep a log, perhaps due to the fact that reporting has become so dangerous. This document was originally made to help provide evidence that was unclear in my last case. I requested in my closing arguement to provide documents that were compromised during the trial online for the Judges deliberation. It continues now to show how doing casework, and providing reports in general can result in escalation.

Most of this work has been written to secure and protect my children, but I've never really been able to spend much time with any of them, so I can only share what worked for me. The genetic history we share may require adaptations that many are unfamiliar with, and I hope these trainings will be as useful to them as they are to me - regardless of how well they've been sheltered by others.

Recent Events

Solar Storm
  • 9-24-17: Marijuana smoke starts filtering into my apartment. I wrote emails to people following my circumstances and asked local security and management personnel what to do about the situation.
  • The last week of September: My Pastor asks me not to return to his Church.
  • 10-16-17: Marijuana use in my building is getting worse. Evening use has become compounded by morning use on the weekends and I can smell it in the hallways and entryway too now.
  • 11-5-17: Telephoned by campaign supporters 4 times in the past week asking me to vote in the Church building I was asked not to return to.

Events Following the Hate Crime Scene Encounter

  • Fall 1998: Tried to reach my Daughter's family, and investigate the circumstances she reported despite resistance I encountered while trying to do so.
  • Committed while bringing her allegations - allegations of someone she thought to be her father here in Minnesota, allegations she made of someone when I was living in California. I've never met her, though I made sincere efforts to do so with, and without agency support.
  • 1998/99: I reported anything that might have led to murder, retaliation or abuse - County by County - as accurately as my memory could provide, including:
  1. My work as an advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Reports I provided to the Mental Health System here in Minneapolis during the 80's and 90's before I went to California.
  3. Reports I made to members of the Church, and Mentors including members of Anonymous Fellowships during the 80's and 90's.
  4. Other circumstances of my work and history, including work that might have been perceived as threatening, such as my activism, and/or participation in civil disobedience.
  • 1999/2000: Filed a MN District Court Case to resolve those issues, and others though I was poorly prepared to do so.
  • 2001: Placed in an apartment above the building boiler room and next to the laundry room. 10 - 12 dryers were directly across the wall from me. The temperature in my room with the heat off in the winter was over 110°F, and I was not allowed to open the window or use my air conditioner vent to cool it off.
  • August 2004: Raped at gunpoint by someone who asked for help.
  • July 2008: Lost a full time job while dealing with the the first of several Malware attacks at IMID.
  • November 2008 - July 2009 Beaten by a woman who wouldn't leave my home.
  • Neurologists lied about my HGH results in 2011 resulting in my own clinical trials. Resulting conflicts lead to an attempted law suit.
  • August 2011: My car and motorcycle (both gifts from my brother) are trashed and ticketed on the streets. The garage I used is blocked off by 4 or 5 minivans at all times, and the next door neighbor complains about driving on his yard while trying to access the parking spot I had arranged. The minivans windows get smashed, setting me up, and I park on the street. A condom is tied to the handlebars, tail lights broken off, headlamp cracked etc. I cover my bike and the police ticket me for covering my license plate.
  • October 28th 2011: My life is threatened by a client who asked me to build a website for him and his organization shortly after asking for payment.
  • November 2011: (roughly 6 days later) After moving out of my old residence in order to secure a safer place for my vehicles and myself, a close friend and mentor dies unexpectedly. He was in the room when my life was threatened a week before.
  • November 2011: A friend from a group I attend asks me to have a birthday party for her daughter that very day. Though I am not prepared to do so, I agree.
  • November 2011: My bird dies while waiting for me to return with food from yet another attempt to help someone in trouble, and my grief motivates to write everything out. Over 10 people have died in my close circle while trying to be helpful, and I no longer trust myself enough to continue without closer scrutiny.
  • December - Present: Intentional disruptive and harassing noise disturbs my peace at home night and day.
  • The neighbor upstairs has guests who are not on the lease staying there, drug use is visible, and she claims her Developmentally Disabled son is causing the noise.
  • My neighbor across the hall complains of the same circumstances, and refers to a fellow by the name of 'woods' who she claims is intentionally trying to get Section 8 Tenants out of the building.
  • March 2012: A person parks his car across my lane forcing me to lay my Harley down on 26th Street and 25th Ave S Minneapolis.
  • January 2013: Unable to secure health care due to harassment and obstructions, I refuse to continue seeking services.
  • Spring 2013: I am asked to leave my apartment right after I receive an award for a law suit, sabotaging my opportunity to invest wisely.
  • May 2013: Just after moving into my new home, a the second serious set of Malware attacks brings my business to a complete stop.
  • June 2013: While trying to repair the damage to my sites and my business, my power gets cut off, leaving me without internet access and adequate ventilation for work.
  • When the power is reconnected, my internet service is disrupted despite the service connection I paid for, and I am forced to work in coffee shops.
  • June 2013: While trying to manage the crisis and develop two new sites for two new clients, I am trespassed from the coffee shop where went to get internet access, and I loose access to half of my building, including the loading docks I need to move my belongings in and out with.
  • December 2013 - Present: Smoke from the use of drugs in an apartment upstairs vents into my bathroom. I called the police, notified the landlord, and talked to the neighbors myself, but the people involved were not legitimate tenants, and the violations continued.
  • November 2014: In order to attempt to keep the peace, I went to work on reroutes for acceptable use of questionable practices as granted by the Complementary Health Care Act, which defines the guidelines for the practice of Massage, Bodywork and/or Alternative Medicine: Please see: Bill of Rights
  • October 2014: Drug use in my apartment building results in conflicts with neighbors and building management. Because they can't admit its occurring without doing something about the problem, over a years worth of reporting falls on deaf ears. With winter approaching, there is nowhere to retreat from the toxic air, and toxic people, but I was given permission to keep the windows open and the heat off.
  • June 2014: Accused of failing to pay the rent, Property Managers threaten me with eviction if I don't pay roughly two months rent past due within three days; rent that had already been paid.
  • April 2014: After spending roughly a year writing a mission to deal with anger and frustration in our community, establishing a place for the project fails because the Church can't allow the clients on church property.
  • February 2014: The sound of intentional noise, diesels, low frequency vibrations and switching in the furnace room becomes so difficult to tolerate its difficult to work or sleep in my apartment at all.
  • Early May 2015: Left my apartment and started sleeping in the community garden on 5th Avenue. Soaked my phone which took months to completely rebuild.
  • Late May 2015: Unable to continue sleeping in my lean-to because RVs were ramming it at night.
  • July 2015: A woman asked for change, and gave it to an intoxicated guy in the back of the bus. I complained about the event and a guy got off the bus and threateded to pull a gun to stop me.
  • Late July 2015: Lost wallet; Shortly later: While waiting at the train station, after establishing my phone service by tethering to my iPad, a guy with a crew of three asks me if the credit cards he has are mine. I get up to check, and lost my iPad behind left behind.
  • July 2015: Gunfire at my campsite became persistent and threatening (young men were firing handguns down by the beach, and rifle shots with long range trajectories disturbed me), so I moved to a cliff by the river just off Franklin, by my friend's old home.
  • Friday 7/17/15: A guy gets out of a brand new Titan van (no license plate) with a breaker bar and approaches me as I approach a bus stop. He leaves as I continue to approach.
  • Saturday, 7/18/15: A guy pulled out a knife as he walks by saying: "I should have bought a soda or something" after I saw my old girlfreind at a bus stop, and stopped at a coffee shop without buying anything. She was watching the police put someone into a squad car.
  • Early August 2015: Lost my backup drive and my blue tooth head set. Later found headset in my locker after making sure it wasn't there.
  • 8/3/15: noticed my receipts and documentation were missing from my storage locker.
    Went back to access my mail a few days later and still couldn't access my mail. Talked to the manager who gave me a new key, saying it was the only one left (which did not match mine), and found the bill in the box which said I didn't need to make a payment until 9-30-15.
    Later found another address on my account that I couldn't account for.
  • September 2015: After repeatedly trying to gain access to my ISP's business account, a Business Account Representative told me my account doesn't exist.
  • 9-12-15: Shocked myself with 110 V running through the keyboard and workstation in my new office. Paid over $250.00 to have it checked out and pay for a new case.
  • While moving my things out of Mini Storage, an employee came out of the maintenance room wielding a knife to let me know that I couldn't use the ramp with the dolly.
  • 10-15-15: An electrical fire fried my battery backup power supply on extension cords. Had to replace my surge protectors and cords to replace the battery backup. (The resulting failed outlets had not been repaired since I was shocked at my keyboard, so I only had one functioning outlet to use in my $450 room.)
  • 11-5-15: Almost all of my reserves from England were required to pay my past due storage locker bill. I used the rest to replace my fried electronics with a more durable solution and the resulting low balance resulted in the closure of an account I had tended carefully since 2007.
  • 11-26-15: Filed the third request to terminate my Medicare payment. My income has been severely compromised by the premium, and making efforts to obtain health insurance required three copies of everything I needed to provide, and several visits to accomplish. Because I suspected them of Fraud, I refused to continue to do so.
  • Feb 19th: had a fight in a local shelter. Recorded the event with my phone.
  • 3-5-16: Found psych-meds in my room at a hotel. (I guess that was some kind of suggestion) 8 salmon colored round pills debossed with 100 on one side and Q on the other.
  • 3-10-16: Took photos of an blackmail / extortion attempts etc., incidents I described in a Civil Suit that was called frivolous, and written off in 2000.
  • 3-13-16: Cleaned up my camp a bit, the warm weather melted enough snow to dig out and rebuild my tent and camo shelter. Found duct tape, several pairs of used rubber gloves, a dirty condom and a used needle along with all the usual trash - not a reassuring sign. I didn't see that stuff there before.
  • 3-23-16: Heard 3 murder confessions in the last 3-4 days, and a proposition from someone yesterday. Some of the folks in shelters are working themselves up all day.
  • 4-23-16: Accused of Racism, I was hit from behind while walking away from the accusers. Woke up on the ground face down. Walked to an Emergency Room, and have been trying to recover my vision and motor coordination since then.
  • 9-27-16: Filed a claim with the Board of Reparations to pay for the health care services and recover losses to my business.
  • 11-3-16: Threatened by someone at my grocery store.
  • 11-4-16: Told to keep my mouth shut by another person on the Avenue.
  • 11-7-16: Reported the incidents to the Police.
  • 11-8-16: Reported the incidents to a Rape and Crisis Hotline.
  • 11-12-16: Shared the incidents, the reports, and my updates online with DPS.
  • 11-23-16: Hit up for money at my public transit station by a couple talking about lewd behavior.
  • 12-22-16: A neighbors complaint about noise, and what they think is marijuana prevents me from smudging (cedar and sage) my new home. I carpeted my floor with scraps from the local building project to try to minimize the noise in my apartment for the tenant below who complained.
  • 12-28-16: What seems like automobile exhaust venting from my air ducts, and a high amount of traffic in my hallway leads to what sounds like intentional use of the door latches to mimic rifle or gun actions as a form of harassment.
  • 12-30-16: Neighbor knocks on my door loudly late at night. I go out to check what has happened after I get dressed. Another neighbor is playing loud music and smoking dope downstairs.
  • 3-7-17: My neighbor's mail is in my mailbox.
  • 3-15-17: Someone by my name has a profile photo on Facebook of himself carrying a baseball bat wrapped with nylon cord as if he were preparing to take violent action (I unintentionally hit my next door neighbor with a souvenir baseball bat when I was 7 or 8 because I didn't look carefully enough before practicing my swing).
  • 4-8-17: Told to get a job by a passer by as I'm walking to an AA meeting. A few minutes later referred to as someone who goes to meetings to get money.
  • 4-9-17: A cyclist passes and says: Okay (insert name here), humiliate him (meaning me)."
  • 5-13-17: Harassed about yet another death in our community for the 6th or 7th time by the same person.
  • 5-20-17: Someone carved holes in my shoes while I was out (already aware of these kinds of trespasses, I keep most of my valuables locked up).
  • 6-3-17: An automatic deduction from my bank account to pay for health care insurance I can't use due to whistleblower status robs me of my rent money.
  • 6-15-17: Called a crisis hotline about stalking in my home. Two guys on the Light Rail train were dancing and displaying themselves in front of me the next day.
  • 6-24-17: Three guys outside my door talking about anal sex blocked my entry after taking out the trash. As I waited out of sight, I heard one of them talk about trying my door.
  • 7-11-17: Found a cardboard box propping open the security door on my floor.
  • 8-7-17: Found a carpet nail in my bicycle tire after attending a meeting at my local church.
  • 8-8-17: Talked to the Public Safety officer at the same church.
  • 8-25-17: Threatened by an old friend of mine who said a whole bunch of us think your crazy. (He was in a mental health drop in center when he said so.)
  • 8-28-17: Bit by a dog on the way to see my wife. The owner of the dog used the word 'Superman' as I rode past, and the dog bit the back of my leg pretty badly.
  • 8-28-17: Someone parked a trailer in the parking lot of my building, and I told him he couldn't park there. He said, he had furniture for his daughter, and that he was going to sit there until his daughter came out.
  • 9-3-17: Someone stole my bike while was in a meeting at my local church. I called the police and made out a police report.

Prior History

1962-1964: The sex conduct of my parents ends their marriage. I learn to deal with pressures I don't understand, ear drainage results in ear surgery etc. Taking comfort from mother in the rocking chair seems to be useful, but is compounded by the fact that it is her sex conduct in our home that's disturbing us. (A calypso singer was comforting my mother while my father entertained his fancies at our beach home in the West Indies)

1967: Shortly after marrying my mother, my Step-Father tortures with tickles around the neck and choking my breath out when I try to laugh. Learning how to wrestle becomes a sweaty frustration for him, and we had to kiss his likeness of a black man before going to bed (He used his tongue and upper lip to create the impression of fat lips and required us to kiss them before going to bed).

1972: My Step-Father displays his erection in front of the Children working on my Uncle's farm in broad daylight. While I don't remember what happened after the initial shock of the incident, we prayed the Rosary that night.

Sometime between 1973-75: Required to provide a colonic to my litte brother. While it was an unpleasant chore, nothing went wrong (he said Mom normally does this for him) and I promptly forgot about it.

1975: Required to strip in the mudroom before showering up after going to work on the sod farm.

1975: Stalked by my Step-Father in his underwear with an erection while getting undressed and putting my dirty clothes in the laundry after work at the sod farm.

1975/76: My step-father looks through my bedroom window from the outside of the house at night while I'm masterbating.

1975/76: My step-father lays in my bed and interrogates me asking "why do you leave the lights on".

Summer 1975: Felt up while working on the sod farm.

1976: Beaten by the side-kick of the 'boss' who felt me up.

Summer 1978: Lost all my belongings when I returned home for a weekend with the family. The theives left defecation in my hardhat, and wiped themselves with one of my socks.

Summer 1979 or so: Discussed concerns about my Step-Father with my Uncle (his brother a Catholic Priest), and he motioned with his eyes an invitation to bed.

Fall 1981 or so: Medicated on Major Tranquelizors and home from College, I was asked to keep an eye on my brother while my parents were out. Before leaving, my Mother asked me to get him to bed by 10:30, and he refused to do so. While on medication, I didn't consider a backhand to his cheek to be a problem in order to discipline him - so I did.

1984/87: Placed in an apartment with an HIV infected person. When hospitalized by trauma, a biohazard sign is hung on my door. The resulting conflicts lead to an extremely negative diagnosis.

1989: My child is removed from her mother at birth in July of 1989. While trying to adjudicate parental rights, a witness at the county court said I would 'cut her ears off'. And, after returning from the hospital my partner (and my daughter's mother) told me that an Officer told her that 'white stuff' was reported to have been found on our child sometime during the hospital stay.

1990: Committed while trying to secure our daughter's return after Ramsey County's removal from her mother.

1994: Sued for child support by the mother of my second daughter in Marin County California by long-arm petition from Hennepin County Court.

1996: Am organized in the boycott of East Bay Hospital in Richmond California, resulting in the Hospital's closure by ending county based referrals for the improper use of restraints.

1993-1997: Because all my reports fell on deaf ears before I went to the Bay Area, I tried to describe what I grew up with, and what to expect from step-fathers in this country to my own family in Marin. My own children were trafficked out and abused here by the surrogate parents, and I believe my family of origin had something to do with it.

1996: I get hired by Protection and Advocacy Inc as a Self Advocacy Coordinator and begin work at Napa, Patton and LPS facilities State Hospitals to bring Problem Solving Training and Peer/Self Advocacy to incarcerated Mental Health Clients, and the Gravely Disabled.

October 1998: I encounter a Hate Crime Scene in New Mexico while traveling back to Minnesota to report my daughters allegations of abuse.

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