Events before and after encountering a
Hate Crime Scene in New Mexico during October of 1998

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It was requested by Law Enforcement that I keep a log, perhaps due to the fact that reporting has become so dangerous. This document was originally made to help provide evidence that was unclear in my last case. I requested in my closing arguement to provide documents that were compromised during the trial online for the Judges deliberation. It continues now to show how doing casework, and providing reports in general can result in escalation.

Most of this work has been written to secure and protect my children, but I've never really been able to spend much time with any of them, so I can only share what worked for me. The genetic history we share may require adaptations that many are unfamiliar with, and I hope these trainings will be as useful to them as they are to me - regardless of how well they've been sheltered by others.

Recent Events

Solar Storm

Events Following the Hate Crime Scene Encounter

  1. My work as an advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Reports I provided to the Mental Health System here in Minneapolis during the 80's and 90's before I went to California.
  3. Reports I made to members of the Church, and Mentors including members of Anonymous Fellowships during the 80's and 90's.
  4. Other circumstances of my work and history, including work that might have been perceived as threatening, such as my activism, and/or participation in civil disobedience.

Prior History

1962-1964: The sex conduct of my parents ends their marriage. I learn to deal with pressures I don't understand, ear drainage results in ear surgery etc. Taking comfort from mother in the rocking chair seems to be useful, but is compounded by the fact that it is her sex conduct in our home that's disturbing us. (A calypso singer was comforting my mother while my father entertained his fancies at our beach home in the West Indies)

1972: My Step-Father displays his erection in front of the Children working on my Uncle's farm in broad daylight. While I don't remember what happened after the initial shock of the incident, we prayed the Rosary that night.

Sometime between 1973-75: Required to provide a colonic to my litte brother. While it was an unpleasant chore, nothing went wrong (he said Mom normally does this for him) and I promptly forgot about it.

1975: Required to strip in the mudroom before showering up after going to work on the sod farm.

1975: Stalked by my Step-Father in his underwear with an erection while getting undressed and putting my dirty clothes in the laundry after work at the sod farm.

1975/76: While masturbating, my step-father peeks in my bedroom window from the outside of the house.

1975/76: My step-father lays in my bed and interrogates me asking "why do you leave the lights on".

Summer 1975: Felt up while working on the sod farm.

1976: Beaten by the side-kick of the 'boss' who felt me up.

Summer 1978: Lost all my belongings when I returned home for a weekend with the family. The theives left defecation in my hardhat, and wiped themselves with one of my socks.

Summer 1979 or so: Discussed concerns about my Step-Father with my Uncle (his brother a Catholic Priest), and he motioned with his eyes an invitation to bed.

Fall 1981 or so: Medicated on Major Tranquelizors and home from College, I was asked to keep an eye on my brother while my parents were out. Before leaving, my Mother asked me to get him to bed by 10:30, and he refused to do so. While on medication, I didn't consider a backhand to his cheek to be a problem in order to discipline him - so I did.

1984/87: Placed in an apartment with an HIV infected person. When hospitalized by trauma, a biohazard sign is hung on my door. The resulting conflicts lead to an extremely negative diagnosis.

1989: My child is removed from her mother at birth in July of 1989. While trying to adjudicate parental rights, a witness at the county court said I would 'cut her ears off'. And, after returning from the hospital my partner (and my daughter's mother) told me that an Officer told her that 'white stuff' was reported to have been found on our child sometime during the hospital stay.

1990: Committed while trying to secure our daughter's return after Ramsey County's removal from her mother.

1994: Sued for child support by the mother of my second daughter in Marin County California by long-arm petition from Hennepin County Court.

1996: Am organized in the boycott of East Bay Hospital in Richmond California, resulting in the Hospital's closure by ending county based referrals for the improper use of restraints.

1993-1997: Because all my reports fell on deaf ears before I went to the Bay Area, I tried to describe what I grew up with, and what to expect from step-fathers in this country to my own family in Marin. My own children were trafficked out and abused here by the surrogate parents, and I believe my family of origin had something to do with it.

1996: I get hired by Protection and Advocacy Inc as a Self Advocacy Coordinator and begin work at Napa, Patton and LPS facilities State Hospitals to bring Problem Solving Training and Peer/Self Advocacy to incarcerated Mental Health Clients, and the Gravely Disabled.

October 1998: I encounter a Hate Crime Scene in New Mexico while traveling back to Minnesota to report my daughters allegations of abuse.