Another Instance of ID

Internet Identity Technology

Our preoccupation with the Internet has become so intense, that our lives have been compromised by our effort to do so well. Today, businesses and individuals establishing their web presence need to develop archetypes that are verifiable by building upon the reality of who they really are.

Throughout history, the truth has been written, spoken, and disseminated by authorities to educate and enlighten, but for the first time in human history, we are all contributing to 'the truth', by finding our own voices online. The truth, now a chorus of voices is much more accurate, reliable, and accessible than it ever has been.

As diverse as our users, each of us contributes our own adaptation to that which can't represent itself. This selflessness only understands who you are by referring to the examples of others. It has no self of its own, and can never really be anything other than who you describe it to be as representative of yourself. As your truth is shaped and colored by the whole truth, our lives become more meaningful and valuable to each other.

Sustainability 95%
Population Served 54%
Newbie Friendly 35%

The Trusteeship IMID


IMID, A business established at Berkeley California in 1996.

  • Attenuated by some of the most challenging projects the Internet has endeavored:
  • Brings you accurate, reliable, and verifiable results for you and your business.

Verifiable Identity


IMID Ltd, simply by speaking becomes Archetype Development

  • Whether you're looking for an investment, an opportunity to start a business, or web marketing for yourself,
  • IMID will establish and maintain your identity online for years to come.