What we are good at


Website Design

Whether you're breaking into a new market, or introducing yourself to brick and morter establishments you won't find a better resource for preparation than IMID. We are fully prepared to develop proposals sure to convince your people of your efficacy.

Mighty Flowering Tree

Content Development

If your new to copyrighting, public relations or mareketing, you can rely upon IMID to share the value of thinking outside the box to reach your audience. There is no clearer demonstation of the diversity of web publishing than IMID.

Passion Flower

Marketing and Consulting

We began with the experience of our clients behind us to become a directory for those to come. A bridge to those who aren't with us today, and a portal to help us find a new way.

Because we enjoy peace, liberty and the freedom to compose, we can share adaptations, ideas for public policy, and survival strategies that we've been able to use successfully.

Apothecary Garden in Europe

We hope this medium will become a safe place.

We're prioritizing the health of our people, rather than obstructions of agents standing between our technology and our health.

  • We're working with the score we've been given, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • We make use what we've been taught, and pass what we've learned on to those we're serving.
  • We're applying our technology to create better visualizations for our lives and our planet.
  • We're applying the security we develop in order to ensure the safety of our services for the health care industry.

At times we can't determine if a perception is ours, or the machines!

Our interface is only representative of ourselves, but intelligible to machines, so the symbiosis we enjoy with the representations they've become are transparently at rest with ourselves when done well.

  • We continue to faithfully fulfill the expectations of our clients by doing everything our clients intend, and nothing they do not, unless abrogated by an act of God or agreement.
  • We apply our skills to represent every profession and entity we contract with (including the Internet) without passion or prejudice, and endeavor to write, illustrate, or express all the relevant words and revelations.

  • Because we developed the recovery tools we were taught, and document our findings, we continue to provide examples of what we can expect when we do what we've been told.