When we began, we weren't worried about how to say things.
We needed to make them possible to say.

Does reporting lead to injury?

If we've been denied the opportunity to use a court by fees, and are being harassed in our homes for filing a complaint online, we choose to point to the standard used by the medical profession. If we've been injured, we are required to report in order to secure the insurance to pay for the health care.

Why have we been robbed of the truth?

  • Chaos and confusion is usually caused by those who object to our freedom of expression.
  • Efforts to portray us as hateful, or hiding the true meaning of our statements are used to justify the disruption.
  • The replacement of current work with old drafts, or the confusion of our last drafts might be used to misrepresent us, or our reporting, as irrelevant and unimportant.

Doubt results, separating us all from each other, and sometimes - even us - from ourselves.

Is it fair to try to stop someone from reporting?

Perhaps the reporting has become a problem, and was not intended by you in the first place, but if a hairdresser, or any other professional is denied their income, they may choose to use their tools to shear a slice of meat from the butcher, or bread from the baker. This is true of all of us. Without a medium for tender, we fall back upon new applications of our skills to get our needs met without.

How can we blame the Internet for following our instructions?

The Cloud, or the Internet is not responsible. It's simply following the instructions of a human being, and it does not represent itself at all, so if a disparaging report is made public, attacking the medium - whether it be 'the cloud', a database, or your local, does no good. The crime occurred as a result of human behavior, and needs to be addressed by identifying, and correcting the individuals responsible.

Do we have to say who we are when making a complaint?

If someone’s made a claim, and we don’t know who or what it was, the only way we can respond to it is by fully disclosing everything we know about whatever we’re being suspected of. However, we don’t always know what’s being used against us, so the disclosure just goes on and on as we try to deal with the life threatening situations that result. Obstruction, contempt, and more conjecture on the part of third parties by way of hypotheses banishes us, and our truth, from the community because by doing so, the claim can be made without the need for proof.

Can we really trust healthcare professionals?

The decisions made by healthcare professionals today are made by equipment we've helped to develop and are accessed by communications we use today. We don't need them to read our results to us. If we can follow through with initiatives to improve our Mail service last year, we can purchase supplies we're recommended online by using Internet distribution systems on our own, but today, Amazon can’t deliver to my mailbox. They have to leave my packages in the mailroom, making medical supply deliveries unreliable. Because we’ve allowed corruption to cripple some of our most basic services, we're facing a crisis that is so dangerous that we may not be able to take care of ourselves.

Strategies used to protect healthcare professionals are so radical, that we may be destroyed for making an effort to call them out for an injustice before we have an opportunity to recover from them. Consider the fate of prostitutes, who may in fact be one of the only options for treating the trauma that results from circumcision before endeavoring to do so, or asking someone else to do so for you.

Is it fair to use a label to deny a claim?

When a person identifies themselves as a 'plaintiff', or someone making a complaint, they're required to identify themselves in order to make the claim to allow for a defense. In some cases, the use of labels, or access to the media used to prove the statements that are being made has been obstructed, or destroyed in order to deny the claim.

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